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Probe Forged Pistons: Factory Performance Series
  • VMS-75 High Silicon Forged Aluminum
  • Tight piston to wall clearance
  • Reinforced piston skirts (eliminates collapsed piston skirts)
  • Anti detonation grooves
  • Gas accumulator channel
  • Increased valve clearance
  • Stock compression ratios
  • Factory compression heights
  • Reduced piston weight
  • Offset wrist pins
  • Standard piston rings fit
  • Press fit piston pins
Perfect for factory replacement, heavy duty street, and some racing applications!
Probe FPS Forged Pistons are designed for heavy duty and high performance use when the application requires a piston that is substantially stronger than a Cast or Hypereutectic Cast Piston.

Loosely based on the old TRW stock replacement forged piston, the Probe FPS Forged Pistons are manufactured using the same ultra-modern machining techniques as the SRS and PRS piston series.

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